WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical-Health Canada
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    Fizzy E-Liquid

    Fizzy Ejuice, the best Malaysian e-liquid on the market now in Canada. With flavours like cola, bull and 7 other fruits flavours that all have a slight cooling sensation when you vape them. The cooling actually gives your mouth a "Fizziness" much like drinking an actual soda, you must give these a try. 

    Fizzy Juice is an Award Winning Premium E-Liquid Manufacturer based in Malaysia and sold worldwide. Fizzy Juice is sold in more than 25 countries worldwide including United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Spain, Australia and Japan.

    Our Line-up of Fizzy Flavors varies throughout the year so if you don't see your favorite from last summer-check back again as Fizzy is always updating their flavor menu.