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    LIX Salt E-Liquid stays at the top of the world with their amazing Blends of fruits, Menthols, and Tobacco's! LIX is one of the best juice's in the world because they know how to perfectly mix and blend their juices so its never to harsh, or Distasteful! LIX Salt focuses of Realistic Flavours to bring a true ALL DAY VAPOR to the market. You can use LIX over and over again and you will never get sick of it!

    LIX Salt Flavours:

    Mint Condition Salt-The #1 Seller for a tasty Spearmint Menthol juice!

    Banana ice Salt-The Fan Favourite is a delicious Banana with a kick of coolness!

    Grape ice Salt- The Most Realistic and Best Grape Juice ever with just the right amount of chill!

    Pineapple ice Salt- A Juicy Tropical Pineapple with a dash of Winter!

    Darts Salt- A Realistic States tobacco!

    Shop LIX Salt E-Liquid(Canada) here at Winkler Vape SuperStore. All LIX Salt E-Liquid is made with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio.

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