Cheech Glass 12mm Joker Decal Beaker w/15mm Base (4LBS)

Cheech Glass 12mm Joker Decal Beaker w/15mm Base (4LBS)

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The Cheech Glass 12mm Joker Decal Beaker 16" is no joke of a bong! This piece is handcrafted out of pure, thick borosilicate glass ensuring durability- we're not just saying that, this bong weighs in at a whopping FOUR POUNDS. Featuring a beautiful bright comic style joker on the tube paired with a carnival-font Cheech Logo just above the chandelier perc, you pull smooth smoke in style. Cheech followed the glorious joker theme all the way to the base- when you smoke, you get to enjoy a second insane portrait of a clown on the base! Arriving with a coloured matching bowl and stem to compliment the mouthpiece colouring, this monster of a beaker is wonderful for even the clumsiest of people. 

Cheech Glass is a Canadian based glass bong manufacturer that was founded in Toronto, Ontario back in 2010. The entrepreneur behind the brand of popular bongs/water pipes shared the nickname “Cheech” with the famous actor, comic, and legendary cannabis enthusiast - Cheech Marin. 

Beaker bongs are already great for passing because of their large base. The diffused downstem make for chilled and filtered hits that are still direct thanks to the beaker shape. A clear funnel-shaped smoking bowl is also included so you can fly high as soon as you open the box. 


  • 16" height for a satisfying and substantial smoke
  • Beaker shape for stability and ease of use
  • Eye-catching Joker design adds a touch of otherworldly charm to your setup
  • 12mm neck w/ 15mm base for added durability and stability
  • Percolator for smoother and cooler hits
  • Made from premium quality glass for longevity and durability

This bong is made from premium quality glass and features a sturdy 12mm neck with a 15mm base for added stability. The beaker shape provides a stable base and makes it easy to handle, while the 16" height provides a satisfying and substantial smoke. The unique alien design adds a touch of otherworldly charm to your setup, making it a great choice for smokers who value style as well as functionality. The percolator helps to cool and smooth each hit, making your smoking experience even more enjoyable.

What is a beaker bong? Named after its shape, the beaker base on a bong is one of the most common styles. The large rounded bottom doesn't only ensure stability, but it creates higher volume of water giving you more surface area to give you a smoother hit, by filtering your smoke through the water! 

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